The Legend Return

FallenGear is an action based Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) 3D Space Shooter. In FallenGear players can pilot their own space fighter ships (Gears) on an imaginary planet and upgrade skills or the Gear itself.
- Full EP4.4 with EP4.6 Content
- Started at Level 50, Max level 110
- High Happy Hour Rate
- Custom Grind, PvP Map
- No Modified Skill, No Def/Eva Fix All base on Official for max Game Balance
- Full working Infinity 1,2,3
- Arena with 3 type of Gear(Attack, Defence, Evasion)
- No Custom Weapon, All base on Official Server
- Cross Nation Chat
- WarPoint Per Kill
- Advance anti Cheat system
- All Enchant Card in Shop
- All Open Skill in WarPoint Shop


- Decrease SP HP
- Add missing Padena Map to Warp Shop
- Add Armor Rebuild Card to ANI Armor shop
- Price change on Contour, Effect, Hologram Card

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- Increase SPA Drop rate
- Fix Final Skill not able to buy after level 10
- Add Yellow Engine(A-X, I-X, B-X, M-X) to WP Shop
- Add Mini Stealth Card to WP Shop
- Add Sekhmete Striker Bawoo as B-Gear Boss Weapon
- Add Sekhmete Striker, Chill of Sekhmete Dropable from Grind map
- Barrier no durance 10 Sec, and stay cd after death
- Hyper Moving stay cd after death<..........

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- SPA now drop able at all grind map
- Increase Rate of Fixing at lab
- InCrease Drop rate from monster
- Add Success percentage on Mixing info (Ctrl+Click => Recipe)

-------------Coming on next Restart------------
- Add Yellow Engine to WP Shop
- Add Mini Stealth Card to WP Shop

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Nation NCP


Mothership Date

20:00 PM

20:00 PM